Getting Kids To Care About Culture


ARCADE XR is a London-based EdTech Game Studio that is on a mission to Connect People to Place Through Play.

We believe in the power of emerging technologies like XR and AI to make cultural experiences more engaging, inclusive, accessible & fun. Our guiding principle of ‘Play to Learn’ has resulted in the deployment of hugely successful experiences across the country - for institutions including Kielder Water & Forest Park, The Yorkshire Museum, Royal Albert Memorial Museum (Exeter), the British Museum, The National Gallery and Glastonbury Abbey. 

Our talk will shed light on how we have co-created these transformative experiences with children and schools, and how we have navigated the challenging task of combining technology and learning into something that is not only accessible but also something that kids actually want to do. Crucially, we will also share extensive learnings and results from our work, including extensive independent research that has been conducted in the National Gallery and the Yorkshire Museum that shows how our work delivers both ROI for the organisations and a rich and rewarding experience for our audiences. 


Jon Meggitt is the Chief Executive Officer of ARCADE XR, a globally recognised digital experience firm specialising in XR and AI technologies. Under his leadership for over six years, ARCADE XR has transformed ordinary spaces into engaging, interactive environments, delivering cutting-edge immersive experiences for sectors including brands & retail, sports & entertainment, and arts & culture.

With a robust background in architecture and digital design, Jon boasts more than 15 years of industry expertise. He co-founded and led FUSE, a premier digital agency known for developing multi-million-pound digital platforms and websites for some of the world’s largest organisations. Following the acquisition of FUSE by Golin (part of Interpublic Group), Jon significantly expanded Golin’s digital team by over 300%.

Jon’s notable achievements include receiving the Immersive Storytelling Fellowship from StoryFutures in 2020. He serves on the board of the Innovate UK Immersive Tech Network and has been recognised as one of the top creative industry business leaders by Great British Entrepreneurs.