Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli will be Lord Mayor of the City of London from 10 November 2023 until 10 November 2024. Michael’s working theme is 'Connect To Prosper - The Knowledge Miles In The World's Coffeehouse’: to celebrate the many Knowledge Miles of The Square Mile.

"Knowledge Miles: The 695th Lord Mayor's Lecture Series" is an online webinar series that explores the connections of the Square Mile and its roles as "The World's Coffeehouse" addressing diverse global challenges. Please see the table below for our forthcoming lectures, and please contact Ben Schlossman if you and your organisation would like to become involved:

Date Title Sponsor Organisation Speaker(s) Affiliation Hits
02 May 2024 Generations: Does When You’re Born Shape Who You Are?
King's College London
Professor Bobby Duffy Policy Institute, King's College London 76
18 April 2024 A Modern Interpretation Of The Art Of Fan Making And Its Realistic Contribution To Climate Change And The Energy Transistion
Worshipful Company of Fan Makers
Mike Lakin Worshipful Company of Fan Makers 123
15 April 2024 Leadership In Sustainable Finance: Charting A Course Through Purpose, Profit, And Politics
Chartered Banker Institute
Simon Thompson Chartered Banker Institute 108
11 April 2024 Intellectual Curiosity: How The Growth Of Institutions Like The Athenaeum Club Have Contributed To The Life And Success Of London
The Athenaeum Club
Sir Kenneth Olisa BusinessLDN 28
28 March 2024 It's Not What You K̶n̶o̶w̶ Are, It's Who You K̶n̶o̶w̶ Are: What Does It Take To Be An F̶e̶m̶a̶l̶e̶ Engineer?
Safety Assessment Federation
Caroline Hamilton Safety Assessment Federation 383
22 March 2024 A National Monotechnic in the City: The History of the Leathersellers Technical College
Worshipful Company of Curriers
Dr Ian Stone Dartmouth College 245
14 March 2024 Urban Transport In Tomorrow's World: What Other Growing Cities Can Learn From London
Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects
Chris Williamson Weston Williamson + Partners 446
13 March 2024 The Remarkable Evidence Of How Constructive or “Solutions Driven” Journalism is Gathering Momentum Around The World
East Anglia Children’s Hospices
Sir Martyn Lewis CBE Former BBC & ITN Newscaster 287
07 March 2024 The Thames Barrier – Immediate Future Or Long Past?
Worshipful Company of Water Conservators
Professor Carolyn Roberts Worshipful Company of Water Conservators 351
05 March 2024 Looking Ahead: Personal Reflections On Using Management Insights From Physics & Economics To Approach Pressing Societal Challenges
Worshipful Company of Founders
Dr Markus Nordberg CERN, Development and Innovation Unit 178
29 February 2024 How Will We Be Long? - How Can A Piece Of Music Help Us Think About The Next Thousand Years?
Gavin Starks LongPlayer 377
27 February 2024 A Tour of London, Science City, 1550–1800
Science Museum
Dr Alexandra Rose Science Museum 450
22 February 2024 Why The Wreck Of The Gloucester In 1682 Matters: The Secrets Of A Restoration Warship
The Gloucester 1682 Trust
Professor Claire Jowitt University of East Anglia 448
21 February 2024 How Air Pollution Causes Lung Cancer In Never-Smokers Via A Therapeutically Targetable Inflammatory Mechanism
The Francis Crick Institute
Professor Charles Swanton Francis Crick Institute 56
08 February 2024 What’s Happening To Religion In England?
St Paul's Cathedral
The Very Reverend Andrew Tremlett St Paul's Cathedral 387
06 February 2024 Chemistry For A Sustainable World
Worshipful Company of Salters
Professor Tom Welton Imperial College London 550
01 February 2024 Why Has Nobody Ever Told Me This? Initiating Sustainability & Success In SMEs
Worshipful Company of Marketors
Dr Glyn Cartwright Worshipful Company of Marketors 500
30 January 2024 What Does Quantum Computing Mean For Cybersecurity?
Worshipful Company of Information Technologists
Professor Victoria Baines Gresham College 509
25 January 2024 Beware The Techno-Fixes Draped In Sickly Green!
Sir Jonathon Porritt Independent 297
18 January 2024 The Future Of Building Foundations In The City: Energy Generating Assets
Worshipful Company of Skinners
Professor Sarah Stallebrass City, University of London 276
15 January 2024 Will The Next Dick Whittington Please Step Forward? Harnessing Entrepreneurship In The City Of London To Help Build A World-Class, 21st Century Economy
Company of Entrepreneurs
Mark Huxley Huxley Advisory 267
12 January 2024 Computational Medicine and Digital Twins Improving Medical Care
Worshipful Company of Engineers
Professor Alejandro F Frangi University of Manchester 159
10 January 2024 Design For Life: Why Social Connectivity Matters (More Than Ever)
Royal Society of Arts
Andy Haldane Royal Society of Arts 737
12 December 2023 Is Today’s Financial Literacy Education Fit For Purpose?
City Pay It Forward
Quentin Nason City Pay It Forward 441
07 December 2023 Making The Future: The Opportunity In Digital Manufacturing
Worshipful Company of Engineers
Dr Lina Huertas Microsoft 243
05 December 2023 Ending The Destruction Of Our Undersea Cultural Heritage
Marine Archaeology Sea Trust & OceanMind
Nick Wise, Dr Giles Richardson OceanMind, Marine Archaeology Sea Trust 846
30 November 2023 The State Of Play With Fusion
Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers
Dr Thomas P Davis Oxford Sigma 835
27 November 2023 Capital As A Powerful Force For Global Impact
Force For Good
Ketan Patel Force For Good 647
24 November 2023 Lord Chancellor Jeffreys: A Revisionist View Of His Role & Cases As Common Serjeant & Recorder Of The City Of London
Worshipful Company of Tin Plate Workers
Bob McDowall Royal Anthropological Institute 897
21 November 2023 Adapt, Evolve, Thrive: Keeping The Tower Of London Relevant For Future Generations
Historic Royal Palaces
Andrew Jackson Historic Royal Palaces 662
20 November 2023 Connect To Prosper – The Power Of Networks
Gresham College
Professor Michael Mainelli, Professor Julia Black, Professor Michael Batty, Professor Mark Birkin City of London Corporation, British Academy, University College London, University of Leeds 3136
15 November 2023 The Psychology Behind Getting What You Want
Dr Raj Persaud Royal College of Psychiatrists 847
14 November 2023 Why London Is The Best Place In The World To Resolve Legal Disputes – And How To Keep It That Way
Bar Council of England and Wales
Nick Vineall KC Bar Council of England and Wales 390