The Watercolour World: Exploring The World Before Photography: Webinar

Feb. 18, 2021: -

Tim Connell's blurb read as follows:

"Further to our efforts to ease your way through lockdown, we are delighted to announce our forthcoming webinar, which will take place on Thursday 18th February from 6:30pm to 7:15pm. There will then be an half-hour social gathering on-line to follow up. The subject of the webinar will be The Watercolour World, Exploring the World before Photography and will be led by Doctor Fred Hohler....[who] is a former diplomat who went on to have a career in the City and is a Past Master of the Mercers’ Company.

"He founded the Public Catalogue Foundation (Now
Art UK), that recorded, photographed and published (in book form and on-line) all oil paintings in public ownership in the UK. The collection now covers 250,000 items, which can be searched under Artworks, Artists or Topics.

"After some 14 years with the PCF, FH co-founded The Watercolour World - The known world before photography, an on-line global project to collate all known documentary watercolours covering the period 1750-1900 onto a geographically-indexed database.

"You may wish to have a look at
The Watercolour World before or after the webinar."

The webinar was fascinating and well attended. You can still watch the webinar by clicking this link.


Caer Bwdy Mill 1894, via Micktherocktapper, CC BY-SA 4.0

The above picture is an example of a fine watercolour, but not one of those that Fred Hohler showed us in the webinar.

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