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A Visit To The Shard: Excursion

May 24, 2013: -

Ian Harris recalls a relatively small group braving the elements to take a look at the views from the new Shard building. This was a rather informal event, allowing late withdrawal by those who guessed that the views would be less-than spectacular on a rainy, low cloud, day.

Still, those who did brave the elements saw some excellent views, albeit the wet day version of them. Thanks to Ian and Janie for the images.

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Tim Connell's instructions letter is a reminder about the planned after-event libations:

"After the visit, we will repair to The George, which is the famous coaching inn just along Borough High Street."

It wasn't theoretically possible to take libations in the posh bar in The Shard, as that would require membership and goodness knows what. But some of us don't do rules. Janie, bless her, managed to blag four of us (Iain Sutherland & Bobbie Sculley being the other two) into The Shard's inner sanctum, "just to have a look". But once we were in, we metaphorically re-mortgaged our homes and had a drink there.

If I remember correctly, we four desperados then retreated to The George to re-join the Gresham Society group.


The George, photo by Ewan Munro from London, UK, CC BY-SA 2.0

By George, it's a charming pub.

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