A Visit To The London Mithraeum: Excursion

March 15, 2018: -

Tim Connell's blurb read as follows:

"The discovery of the Mithraeum was revealed in 1954 when the area around the Mansion House was being cleared post-Blitz. It created enormous interest at the time, though it had to be moved a hundred yards away from the original site because of re-building plans. You will remember it on a raised stand, open to the elements.

"The Walbrook River flowed alongside the Mithraeum and the boundary of the original Roman settlement. When the area came to be re-excavated prior to the demolition of Bucklersbury House and the building of the new Bloomberg European Headquarters in 2007 an enormous amount of additional Roman material was discovered, not least the writing tablets that we heard about at Roger Tomlin’s fascinating lecture back in October. The Mithraeum itself casts light on religion in Londinium at the time with relics of main Roman deities such as Venus, syncretic ones like Serapis and of course Mithras himself. Much of this material is now on display in a remarkable exhibition which we will be able to visit."


Ian Harris wrote this one up in his inimitable style on his blog - click here.

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