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A Visit To Fortnum & Mason: Excursion

Oct. 18, 2019: -

Fortnum & Mason occupies a unique place in British catering, with its fine teas, celebrated hampers and ranges of fine foods, besides being the inventor of the scotch egg for hungry travellers in 1783, and the first sponsor in the UK of Heinz baked beans in 1886!

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Dr Andrea Tanner, the Fortnum & Mason archivist, showed us a curious range of memorabilia and artefacts depicting the growth and development of the Fortnum and Mason unique stock of products.

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We then repaired to the 3/6 bar - run by the Royal Exchange, which thus provided a tenuous but helpful Gresham link - for suitable, seasonal refreshment.

Ian Harris wrote up the event (including his and Janie's pre-visit to the Royal Academy) on his Ogblog - click here.

That article includes a link to a rather jolly deck of photos. If you want to see just the photos, click here.

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